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Low-risk for the treatments offered is the guarantee what we give at Oceanic Medi-Treat. This helps our members to feel completely comfortable in moving forward and getting treated with us.

In most of the medical tourism situations, the members deposit is sent overseas directly to the hospital. If the member chooses not to receive that hospital's services, there would be a cancellation fee which is deducted from the deposit. It is sometimes as high as 80% of the total procedure costs. In order to avoid this type of situations, we have put this policy in place with the cooperation of our hospital affiliates.

Our hospital partners have agreed to let us collect the deposit here in the India. They have also agreed not to charge the member for their initial consultation and hospital tour if they are the least bit apprehensive about the hospitals capabilities. So, the hospitals will not collect any money from the members unless the member commits to their services once they are there. We at Ocenic Medi-Treat
will collect a 20% deposit from the members to book the surgery. This money remains with us under our control, to be easily refunded to the members if they choose.

If for any reason the members decide not to receive their surgery through our network of qualified affiliates, the deposit will be refunded by Oceanic Medi-Treat within 5 business days.

Following, are two scenarios that reflect this possibility:
If the member makes the decision not to go to INDIA, he/she will not incur any financial losses.
  Their full deposit will be refunded.
If the members have traveled to INDIA and decided not to receive their surgery, the only costs they
  incurred will be the airfare and hotel expenses in INDIA before they return home.
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