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Oceanic Medi-Treat is established to assist in exploring the international health care options. We at Oceanic connect patients with recognized global healthcare centers saving money and time. The increasing exorbitant prices and long waiting period for getting the treatments has made Medical Tourism and companies like us exist.

We believe that quality, timely and affordable health care should be made available to everyone. More and more people are choosing to travel abroad for medical services, but the selection of a hospital can be difficult and confusing individually.

Oceanic is committed to providing with the opportunity to choose the destination, facility and date of the treatment. We are dedicated to continue development of partnerships with facilities, thereby offering our patients a range of destinations and medical services.

We are comprised of professionals and knowledgeable individuals with experience and expertise in international relations, communications, marketing and customer care services. It is our team efforts and collective skills that give us a competitive edge.

Oceanic Medi-Treat prides itself in providing personal attention and quality care for all our patient members. Our coordinators facilitate the communication and scheduling between our patients and the selected facility. Each coordinator is highly trained in the process and is able to address all of our patient's questions and concerns.
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